Thursday, March 1, 2012

Measurement in our garden

The weather lately has been absolutely gorgeous! We just had to take advantage of it!  Yesterday we went outside to our lovely garden provided by, "Real School Garden" and reviewed how to find the perimter, base area, and volume of our plant beds. Students worked together to measure the length, width, and height. After that, they calculated the total. It is a lot of fun to see how math in the classroom is useful outdoors!

Our own conversion story problems!

Peter, Stewie, and Meg have an ice cream party. They need enough ice cream for ten people. Ten people will eat one gallon of ice cream. Peter says they need one gallon, Stewie says they need eight pints, and Meg says they need sixteen cups. Who is correct?      -Leslye M.

Cleveland has 144 ounces of juice. How many cups does he have? How many pints does he have? -Elijah M.

Stan and Stewie were walking two miles on the track. Stewie said they walked 1,760 yards. Stan said they walked 10,560 feet. Who is correct? -Antoney R.

Quagmire has six gallons of water. His best friend Peter drank twelve pints of Quagmire's water. How much is left over? -Pedro G.

Shanene drank 24 gallons of water in a month. How many cups did she drink in a year? -Adrion. T.